4 Things


Hooray for Blog Surveys! Fuzzy challenged me with this earlier, so here goes!

Four jobs I’ve had
Box Office Manager, New Stage Theatre, Jackson, MS
Assistant Box Office Manager, Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL
"Meter Maid" event promoting model

Four movies I can watch over and over
Waiting for Guffman
Coalminer's Daughter
Notting Hill

Four TV shows I love to watch
Beavis and Butthead
America's Next Top Model
The Office
Project Runway

Four places I’ve been on vacation
Paris, France
Atlanta, GA
New Orleans, LA

Four favorite dishes
BBQ Sausage Sandwich-- double meat, & potato salad at Goldies in Vicksburg, MS
Pita Mozz w/ Feta, iced tea, chicken Gyro from Keifer's in Jackson, MS
Chopped steak--medium well, grits, 2 eggs over medium, wheat toast-buttered from Little Corner Restaurant in Chicago, IL
Ham & Cheese crepe, chocolate & coconut crepe from Le Creperie in Chicago, IL

Four websites I visit daily
Chicago Improv Network
Required Reiding

Four places I’d rather be
anywhere with Fuzzy
with my family
somewhere warm where we can wear shorts and bikini tops
in a field sleeping

Four bloggers I’m tagging
Not gonna tag, but here are some of my favorite words:


Hi- My maiden name was Erica Read - just weird that we kinda have the same name. You lucked out tho with the whole spelling of it - For my whole life i've had to say "R-E-AAAAA-D, like 'read-a-book" and everyone STILL spelled it "REID". Oh well.

huh huh. You said "butt."

What is that, a dog??!

Please, step into my plasticine vestibule and enjoy some turtle butt.

Sorry this is more for the last person that commented on you blog, my name is Erica Read, spelt as in read a book, same same!