Upcoming Shows


I have gotten really lax at updating my performance sidebar over there, so here is a fast and loose list of shows that I have that are upcoming, if you are interested:

Tomorrow: April 10th--The Plucky Show! 9pm Gorilla Tango
This monthly variety show is hosted by the always awesome Plucky Rosental! See Mrs Lancaster do some new bits this week. 2 for 1 tickets online with the code "pluckateer".  Also performing on May 8th & June 12th.

The Rack of Khan: A Star Trek Burlesque!
I am not performing in this, but I directed and choreographed it and I am SO proud of it. Runs Fridays at 9pm at Gorilla Tango starting April 18th. Get $10 off advance ticket purchases with the code "reid14."

SNORF! The Saturday Afternoon Monster and Piggie/ Comedy Variety Show! I direct this one also. Good for kids and adults. Saturday, April 26th, May 24, June 28th. 2:00pm $5 at the Playground Theatre.

Modet Dance Collective Chicago-Debut Performance!
The dance collective that a group of us recently created will be debuting pieces from our upcoming show Future Perfect Tension on Saturday, May 2nd at the Bridgeport Art Center as a part of their ARTEMISIA AFTER 40 Art Exhibit opening. We perform at 6:45pm. Free. I am both dancing in this as well as presenting a piece that I choreographed.

Funny Ha Ha--Friday, May 16th  6:30-8:00pm $5 At the Hideout
I'm excited to be performing in this awesome literary humor reading series! I will be telling a true-life awesome story that I wrote about briefly on the blog once before, but the only way to find out what story it is going to be is to come. Debut performance.

She's Crafty! Thursday, May 22nd at The Wabash Tap 9pm Free!
I will be DJing for the amazingly awesome all female Beastie Boys cover band She's Crafty! They are AMAZING and I am honored to be able to be on stage with them. Another debut!

The Gogo Show  Saturday, May 24th 8pm at the Lincoln Loft (this is where I got married, yo!) Yet another debut at another awesome show! I will be performing a solo piece at this monthly comedy showcase.

Modet Dance Collective Chicago--Future Perfect Tension
Sunday, June 15th at 8pm at Stage773, $10 General Admission, $5 Students
This is a big one! Our own show in a big theatre! MDCC will be partnering with members of the Living Room Playmakers  in an hour long presentation. I am SO proud of this, and it is one you don't want to miss! (more info to come soon).

Impress These Apes! Monday nights at 8pm July 7-August 25 at ComedySportz. We're at it again! SEASON 8 of everyone's favorite talent competition hosted by hyper-intelligent Apes from the future. April May is dusting off her gloves and turban to give some Turtle-ly Awesome judgings to a new crop of pitiful humans. (sign up for auditions now!)

Whew! So if you haven't seen me in a while, this is why. :)

Blog Hop!


I got tagged in a blog hop by the amazing writer (and my amazing friend) Claire! It was a super awesome complement, cause if this awesome writer thinks that I am a writer, then I must be! Here goes!

What am I working on?
Most of the writing that I am doing right now is comedic personal non-fiction essays and script-writing for various stage shows. Also, angry essays about things on my blog. Tee Hee. I find that non-fiction, in my opinion, is a lot more crazy and interesting than anything imaginary, so I love taking my own life experiences and heightening them for story-telling.  In the past, looking back at this blog, I've done some pretty heady emotional writing, and I am proud of myself for allowing myself to get so vulnerable and honest about the loss of my father, my anxiety, and all the inner workings of my brain. There is a lot more writing that I would like to do in the future--blogging, essays, screenplays, short films, etc--so I look forward to setting aside some time to do that.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Because it is mine! My voice is important! I have lots to say, and I am witty, right? RIGHT??!
But seriously, everyone's work is different from everyone else's, because we are all different people. Though we do the same thing, we all have our own voice. My voice involves cats, though, and I am pretty sure that nothing else on the internet is about cats.

Why do I write what I do?
I am a comedian, so first and foremost, that is my point of view. I also come from a super awesome compassionate family who cares about things and other people and that shaped who I am am and what I like to write.  I think that it is important to put things that are not-mean out into the world. When I wrote about my dad's cancer and my anxiety, I wrote it to help me, but to also put into the world for others so that they could know they are not alone. We, as humans, share common experiences, yet we always think we are alone and that no one understands. And while yes, we can't TRULY know how another is feeling, we can often have empathy and stand on a common ground.  I really want to write about my experience with the years since my dad died--specifically about my mother's illness--and though that will not be fun writing, I think it is important and needs to get out of my head.

How does my writing process work?
Two ways: either I have something in my head that I can't go another minute without getting out and it has to come out right this second or I am going to go crazy, or I have a deadline.  I write like I choreograph--I think about it over and over and over and over until right before it has to be finalized, and then I will put it on paper. I know what I am going to perform at the May 16 Funny Ha Ha, but I likely won't officially write it until that week. I can't be distracted, either--if the tv is on while I am writing, I will write the dialogue from the show without realizing it. I can write to music, though--just not talking. Also, while writing, I prefer to be draped in velvet and diamonds while reclining on a canopy bed while having my feet rubbed while kittens dance playfully about. In Paris with a warm summer breeze and a refreshing cocktail. You know, really boring and mundane.

Next week! Margaret Hicks from Lost and Found Travel and Leigh Vandiver from Fun Things To Do While You're Waiting will continue the hop! Check them out!


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This is why twitter is awesome.

SNORF on the WGN Morning News!

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We were on the WGN Morning News again this morning to promote our appearance in the Chicago Improv Festival tomorrow night at 8pm! Here is the clip!

(Fuzzy is Ron the Snake and I am Bessie the Cow)

More Sexism in Running

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(My first post about this topic is here.)

I've been wanting to post about this for a while, but I've been so busy lately, that I've not been able to. With today's DUMB FLEET FEET MOMENT, I thought this was the right time to post about this other DUMB FLEET FEET MOMENT that totally infuriated me.

A few months ago, I was driving down Western and passed the Lincoln Square Fleet Feet. This advertisement was in one of their windows (forgive the quality--these were taken through my car window in the winter):


It's a Saucony ad for a shoe. It features a man running.

"A 10oz WRECKING BALL to Break Through the Wall."

So I get it, so it is a light shoe, and when you are about to hit your physical wall, these shoes will help you get through it. Cool.

This was in the other window:

Fleet Feet 2.PNG

It features a woman running.

"The further you go, THE BIGGER THE SUNDAE."



For one, rewarding yourself with food is a bad habit to get into, and the concept of "I worked out so I deserve this X" is bullshit. It's a much bigger topic than I can even get into right now, and so many people have done it better than me before.

For an athletic store to promote this way of thinking is irresponsible.

Secondly, why does this have to be the message on the WOMEN's shoe ad? Does Saucony (and subsequently Fleet Feet for posting the advertisement) think that the only reason women work out is because we want to lose weight? Sure, a lot of women do, but a lot of MEN do, too. And in reality, I know a TON of women runners, and do you know why they run? Because they are badasses, because they are determined, because they are overcoming great obstacles, because it makes them feel good, because it can be both an independent and communal experience, because they challenge themselves to be the best they can be. Women runners are strong and powerful. Hardqore. Tougher than nails. And we would also love to depend on a 10oz wrecking ball to break through the wall, too-- and one that ISN'T pink, might I add.

Think about what a more powerful message and ad campaign this would be if it said something like:

"A force as powerful as you are."

YES! I want those shoes!

Instead, Saucony and Fleet Feet are perpetuating harmful gender stereotypes and shaming women into feeling like we all must meet a stupid societal image of weight, health and fitness, and that the only reason we should work out is so we can eat ice cream.

I would like to think that the companies that encourage health and fitness would be the ones who would try to stop this damaging and outdated message, but I guess I am wrong.

WE have to be the ones to fight it.


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This week, my aunt Susan sent me all the old family photos from my Memaw and Papaw Reid's house. I can't wait to dig in and find old treasures from the family and new old photos of Dad. I have only just scratched the surface of the photos (literally, I opened one box and looked at the top few photos), but I already found this treasure: an amazing photo of my bro and me as kids. I think it perfectly sums up our relationship even to this day, 30ish years later:


I mean, come on.

It's been tough having my brother so far away in Mwanza, Tanzania, Africa, but thanks to Skype and email, we've been able to stay in pretty constant touch, as long as they have power. But after their trip to the states in February, there has been a new development in our lives.

Christopher was given a hand-me-down iPhone.

This is awesome for so many reasons, the best of which is that he and I can now iMessage each other for free. We can text! And because his evening is my morning, his night is my afternoon, and my night is his morning, we can sort of always keep a conversation going. When I get up in the morning, I can expect a "what's up?" from him, and when I get home before midnight from a rehearsal, I can check in with him to see how his day is. It's amazing. Of course, in typical, Erica and Christopher fashion, often our conversations devolve into Bitfest USA, which leads me to non-stop giggling and zero productivity. It's pretty great.

Case in point: This conversation from Friday. Please enjoy.

Me: Hi! Wassup?
C: Working on a logo.
Me: What's it for?
C: Mwanza Charity Craft Fair
Me: Ooh, Cool!  Take a photo and send it to me.
C: Logo.jpeg
C: At a loss how to illustrate "crafts."
Me: Make the house a little smaller and put a display of tiny purses and paintings next to it.
C: That's a lot of details to add.
Me: Baskets? Africans loooooove baskets.
C: I wanna just write SHE'S CRAFTY.
Me: A couple mockups:




C (at the exact same time as the last one from me): How about this?

C: We drew the same thing!
C: God, we are idiots.
Me: HAHAHAHAHHAHA. I'm losing it.
C: If only the rest of the world were as cool as us.

Amazing, right?

Today would be our father's 60th birthday. I can't think of a better way to celebrate his life than by doing bits with my older brother.


For months, I saw these 2 billboards on the same stretch of I-294, and to this day, when I see one of them, I think it is an ad for the other.

See? Identical.

The Plucky Show--Tonight!

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The Plucky Show is back! And better than ever!

Tonight at 9pm at Gorilla Tango! Get all the details here!

My Surreal Life

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I really do think that I have a charmed and magical life.

This story proves it.

Yesterday, Shannon tweeted to me the following:

I was confused, but expected to see a photo of a Parker-like cat. So I asked for a photo. She sent this.


I freaked out. It isn't a Parker-like image--it literally IS Parker.  Though they changed her eyes a bit.

My cat. My precious little Parker who just passed away is a company's LOGO.

I looked them up. 

She's on the website and on these awesome I <3 My Cat bumper stickers.


I mean, WE all know that she was amazing, awesome and the best cat in the universe, but the fact that someone else saw her and thought the same, enough to make her their COMPANY LOGO just melts my heart and brain. Parker truly was special.

I am utterly dumbfounded.

What's even more amazing to me is that we never would have known if Shannon hadn't randomly seen it out in the world on her ski trip this past weekend. What are the chances!?!? I also love love love that my friends know and love Parker so much that this image is iconic and unmistakable when seen out in the world.

We contacted the company today and are working out the attribution details per the Creative Commons License on the photo. The best part? They are going to send us some stickers!

Parker's life and legacy lives on.

Surreal, right?

Wrong Face!


The more famous Erica Reid (I'm not going to say only famous Erica Reid, cause I like to think that I am famous in my own right) is miss-faced in this Broadway World listing of my name! Those are my show credits, but that's not my face!

Keep reading! The next most recent entry was Period Piece is Newcity Recommended! or you can visit the Archives

Erica Reid

Erica Reid headshot by Elizabeth McQuern


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